Short History of Wading River and Long Island, New York

Short History of Wading River and Long Island, New York

For over 15 years, The Donovan Law Firm LLC had its offices in Wading River, New York.  Prior thereto, we were located in Westhampton Beach, and presently our New York offices are located in Hauppauge. 

About Wading River -  The name of our hamlet comes from the original Native American name for the area, Pauquaconsuk, meaning "the place where we wade for thick, round-shelled clams". Thankfully, the more simple translation of this descriptive native word, "Wading in the River" or Wading River was adopted by the first settlers.

1671 - the earliest records of a settlement known as Wading River was originally founded with eight families. "The spot for the village was chosen with care. There was a stream adequate for water power and abounding in seafood…good water for drinking…soil rich enough to grow essential crops, woodland for fuel, building material and food, topography to offer protection from the elements, meadowland for its grass."

Until 1947 - the Hamlet of Wading River had a year round population of less than 500. But during the summer months hundreds of visitors filled the town utilizing Wildwood State Park, the cottages on the cliffs and dunes and, of course, the beaches.

- was a landmark year of change for the sleepy little Hamlet, noteworthy accomplishments include… returning servicemen from World War II began building homes in Wading River; the formation of Wading River's own volunteer Fire Department; the Military Installation known as Camp Upton was no longer necessary and became Brookhaven National Labs and last, but certainly not least, the Wading River Historical Society was formed.

About Long Island  -  Long Island traces its history back to 1524, when Giovanni da Verrazzano entered New York Bay and encountered the Algonquian language family.  In 1609, the English navigator Henry Hudson explored the harbor and purportedly landed at Coney Island.  Adriaen Block followed in 1615 and is credited as the first European to determine that both Manhattan and Long Island are islands.  The very first settlements on Long Island were by settlers from England and its colonies in present-day New England.  Lion Gardiner settled nearby Gardiners Island in 1637.  The first settlement on the geographic Long Island itself was on October 21, 1640, when Southold was established by settlers from New Haven, Connecticut.  Southampton was settled in the same year.  Hempstead followed in 1644, East Hampton in 1648, Huntington in 1653, and Brookhaven in 1655.  The Eastern region of Long Island was first settled by the English, and the Western portion of Long Island was settled by the Dutch.

Read about Long Island's rich history;  see, "Long Island:  Our Story", by Newsday; Publisher, Newsday Books; September 1998.

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